Monday, January 4, 2010

Supporting Actor

1. Christoph Waltz, Inglorious Bastards (26.82)
2. Woody Harrelson, The Messenger (16.66)
3. Matt Damon, Invictus (8.22)
4. Stanley Tucci, The Lovely Bones (7.22)
5. Christopher Plummer, The Last Station (6.11)

6. Peter Capaldi, In the Loop (1.43)
7. Christian McKay, Me & Orson Welles (1.02)
8. Anthony Mackie, The Hurt Locker (1.00)
-. Alfred Molina, An Education (1.00)
10. Paul Schneider, Bright Star (0.45)

The predicted nominees match the SAG nominations for best supporting actor... Aaargh! How can the Formula do its work if all the awards go to the same actor over and over and over again? Sure he was fun, but was Waltz really that good?
Congrats to the National Board of Review for being the one and only year-end award not awarding Christoph Waltz (they went for Harrelson).

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