Friday, January 8, 2010


1. The Hurt Locker (37.15)
2. Up in the Air (33.40)
3. Inglorious Bastards (22.48)
4. Precious (18.10)
5. Avatar (11.92)

6. Nine (9.17)
7. District 9 (8.46)
8. An Education (4.89)
9. Invictus (4.20)

10. Star Trek (2.46)
--. Up (2.46)

12. A Serious Man (1.67)
13. 500 Days of Summer (1.32)
14. The White Ribbon (1.28)
15. Julie & Julia (1.24)

There's one important thing: the rankings are not that important. The Formula does not predict who will WIN! Only who will be nominated. So that Avatar is on the fifth instead of first place, is not that important.

It does seem that there are eleven films vying for a place in the Top 10. If the ranking stays like this and Star Trek and Up tie for tenth place, we'll use the Tie Breaker, which means Up will be in, and Star Trek will be out. (Nine needs to win a Golden Globe to stay safe).

Next: The Writers Guild Nominations on january 11 and the American Cinema Editors on january 12! (new update january 13)

P.S. The bold ones are locks for a nomination.

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