Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Year...

We're back and ready for the new edition of the world famous Oscar Experiment!!!

To recap: last year we had only one mistake in the acting categories (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and one wrong prediction in the writing categories (The Messenger), but unlike most Oscar pundits we did predict In the Loop!

In the last couple of weeks we improved the formula in the best picture and best director category, so that we'll do even better this year!

You can find out everything about The New Formula!

And find out the Awards Calendar!

I wish you all a happy award season!


Richard said...

to improve the formula to account for the gyllenhaal omission from last year, i think you should award a small number of points to runners-up of critics awards that you list under #3 of formula (include san diego, dallas, etc.), as the only place i can recall gyllenhaal popping up was as #5 for the dallas critics awards. anyway, i look forward to seeing how the formula works out this year :) love your site

SIJMEN said...

Yes, I thought about it. The problem is that many actors and actress would receive to many points...